A few of our recent success stories…

We obviously can’t advertise the niches we work in or the exact keywords, however a few of our clients have agreed to us showing some ranking reports with the difference in ranking since we started their campaign. Be aware that these results don’t necessarily mean you will see the same, all websites are different, but our consitant success speaks volumes for the power of our link building packages.

All of these results are from the “Business Monthly” packages.

Niche – Recovery Software

The company specialises in software to recover data from damaged disks and they’re in an extremely competitive market. The results below are from just 10 days of link building. Our aim is to absolutely dominate their niche with just two keywords, enough to quadruple their business!


Niche – Greetings Cards

This campaign has been running for six months and the results speak for themselves. What’s interesting is that for one of the keywords they actually have the number one and number two position and this resulted in 80% year on year profit increases in the run up to Christmas. Since then sales are roughly double what they were last year at one of the quieter times of the year.


Niche – Kitchens & Bathrooms

This customer has a wide range of products in various markets. They need to make only a couple of sales a month to vastly improve their bottom line and the results so far are showing that the Internet is the best source of those sales.


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