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Beginner's guide


Let's Face It...

You bought SENuke because you wanted to make SEO and link building easy, yes? You didn't buy it to spend hours learning how to use all the intricate features of the software, you just wanted to push a button and GO! Well SENuke is built for power-users and regardless of what you think, it is easy to use.

SENuke can save you thousands on outsourcing fees, increase yours and your customer's rankings and give you a return on investment that isn't available in any other SEO software.

But you have to learn how to use it!!!

Sorry, it's the truth! It's not just a matter of pressing a big red button, you need to put some effort in and to many, this can be a bit of a chore. If it's your part-time hobby or you're just starting out, you need to get going quickly.

Every hour you spend trying to work out how to do one thing or optimise another, you are losing money. It's literally dripping away because you're not doing what matters!!!

So how can you get over the learning curve and get going straight away?

Learn in an hour what took me nine months!!

SEnuke BookThe only thing that should take nine months is childbirth!!! But, that's how long it took me to get the best out of SENuke and I've written up the absolute best way to get great rankings with minimal effort in this ebook.

Open up SENuke and follow the steps one by one. It's that easy. I show you exactly how to use the system to get rankings on your webpages and I miss out all the fluff.

It includes:

- A step by step guide to using SENuke

- Where to get FREE articles from that are UNIQUE!!!

- How to add links to your articles

- Which tools to add to your armoury to make the job easier



But That's Not All!!!

I'm a programmer myself so when faced with a particularly difficult or tedius job, I want to automate it, so you'll also get these two amazing bits of software for FREE:

Bonus 1: Lazy Domain

This is a tool I wrote to take the pain out of creating those domains and titles for each blog run. Just type in a couple of sentences and it creates the fully-formatted domains and titles!

Click play below to see how embarrasingly easy this makes your job!!


Bonus 2: Index Checker

How do you know if all your links have been indexed? You've created all those blogs, but they're pointless if Google hasn't found them yet, so this tool will quickly tell you which ones aren't indexed so you can do something about them.

So How Much Will All This Cost Me??

OK, enough of the crap, let's cut to the chase. All of this together could easily cost $97 from most vendors but that would make it too much for people who just want to get started quickly and haven't made any money out of SENuke yet.

So I guess I could charge $47. Nahhh, that's too much.

Call Me Stupid, But I'm Just Going To Charge

You a Measly.....


If you're interested, press the button below for instant access. No pop-ups, no pop-unders, if you close this browser you'll be gone.

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No "BUT WAIT..." pages


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